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The Top Ten Landscape Websites of 2023!

The Top Ten Best Landscaping Company Websites

Are you thinking about bringing your landscaping business online? If the answer is yes, here are the Top Ten Best Landscaping Company Websites. 

Now is the best time to start building a robust digital presence for your business. If you’re not sure what to prioritize first, a well-curated landscaping website and social media accounts highlighting your business are surefire ways to start making your mark online.

However, keep in mind that building landscape websites involve a lot of research and planning, and you need to make sure that everyone who visits your site has a great user experience so you can convert them into potential customers.

You also have to ensure that your landscaping website is always updated with your latest features and services. We also recommend utilizing tried and tested search engine optimization practices that can help boost your site traffic and improve search rankings.

If you’re still on the fence about what you want your website to look like, don’t worry—we’ve searched the internet far and wide to find amazing landscaping websites for you!

The Top Ten Best Landscaping Company Websites


Loomis Landscaping

We love the uniquely textured header photo of Loomis Landscaping, which is the first thing you see when you click on their website. It also has a fun color palette and user-friendly design. Plus, you can easily find out more about their business and what they offer since their home page is teeming with information—you simply have to scroll down for a good overview.

best landscape websites

Another thing we love about their website is how they always highlight their free landscaping consultation service. This is an almost fool-proof way to convert site visitors into potential customers. What’s more, adding this feature gives them an advantage over other businesses that don’t provide the same service.

What we love:

  • Smooth, highly responsive user interface
  • Unique website design
  • Comprehensive blog and news section

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Corbin Landscaping and lawn care

Corbin Landscaping And Lawn Care

Corbin Landscaping And Lawn Care knows what they’re doing, and it shows on their website. First, we think it’s a great idea to place a video about their work on their home page so visitors can easily find out what their business is about.

landscaping website client reviews

We’re also digging their simple, refreshing site design and color scheme which enables potential customers to focus more on their services. Lastly, their site has a dedicated space for reviews that definitely adds credibility to their business.

What we love: 

  • Extensive client gallery section
  • High-quality images
  • Informative, fuss-free service descriptions
  • Highly-detailed Receive An Estimate page
  • Prominently Displayed Client Reviews 

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Lauren's Garden Service

Lauren’s Garden Service instantly stands out with its amazing website graphics and deep forest green hues. We’re also a fan of how personalized and conversational their site information is—we’re pretty sure this draws in a lot of potential customers!

garden service website home page

They’ve also made space for gardening enthusiasts looking to cultivate their own backyard with their Native Plant Nursery section. We love how site visitors can easily download a copy of their Native Plant Informational Toolkit. Their blog also puts a spotlight on several native plants like milkweed, redbuds, buttonbushes, and more.

Lauren’s Garden Service also emphasizes from the get-go what makes them special by mentioning that they’re an award-winning landscaping business, how they’re using eco-friendly products, and have lots of membership logos for added credibility.

What we love:

  • Dedicated space for customer testimonials
  • Highly informative Resources and FAQ section
  • Eye-catching logo design

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Earth Works

Earth Works’ header video is a really effective way to attract prospective customers while letting everyone know what their business is all about. What got our attention, however, was the handshake photo included on their home page. We love how personalized and warm it is, and it makes us feel like we know their landscaping team already!

lawncare website hero image

Just like Lauren’s Garden Service, they also sell an extensive range of flowers, plants, and even water gardening supplies which they showcase on their website as well. Plus, they have a stunning blog space where they discuss seasonal gardening tips and best practices, pond equipment FAQs, and more. It’s also worth mentioning that they have an accessibility feature for a more inclusive user experience.

Their website photos are also impactful and engaging, and the inclusion of meditation workshops and other events really gives their business a unique identity. The color scheme they used looks so pleasing to the eyes too!

What we love:

  • Very responsive website interface
  • Lots of high-quality, professional images
  • Engaging header videos on their home page, landscape page, lawn care page, and garden center page

Find out more at

Maryland Landscape

Maryland Landscape Services

landscape website design example

The first thing we noticed with Maryland Landscape Services’ website is how clean and streamlined it looks, allowing visitors to better focus on their services. It’s also really well-designed, and its accessibility feature helps visitors navigate their website better.

Another thing we love about this site is how it incorporates checklists to enumerate its services so it doesn’t look too text-heavy. We’re also a fan of their highly-detailed Prices tab that has dedicated call-to-action buttons, price ranges, and a summary of what customers should expect with each service.

check list of landscaping services offered

Plus, the design itself is geared towards highlighting the benefits of working with their business, which is sure to attract potential clients. Overall, we think this is one of the most impactful landscape websites in terms of design and user experience.

What we love:

  • Neat, fuss-free website graphics
  • Content-rich blog page—this is one of the reasons why their site ranks so well!
  • Convenient accessibility feature

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Maple Leaf

Maple Leaf Landscape

Out of all the landscape websites we’ve seen, this one stands out the most in terms of the color palette they used. Maple Leaf Landscape’s brand identity is centered around the humble maple leaf which makes them a truly remarkable business!

full homepage landscaping design

We really love the attention to detail involved in each service listing. Click on any service they offer, and you’re instantly met with a plethora of information. This includes service benefits, what equipment they will be using, and a call-to-action button that’s placed conveniently at the end of each page.

Their website also has a lot of engaging, high-definition images, and we’re particularly digging their interactive before and after photos! We think this is a great way to showcase their prospective clients. They also have an accessibility menu, making their website highly inclusive and allowing them to attract a bigger customer base.

What we love:

  • Amazing brand identity
  • High-quality photos of their past work
  • Dedicated Unilock authorized contractors page

Find out more at

The Ground Guys

The Ground Guys

Enter The Grounds Guys’ website, and you’re met with a question asking how they can help you, which we absolutely love. It highlights how service-oriented they are, and gives the impression that they’re prepared to get to work right away. Their contact details are easy to access and make it effortless to reach out to them. 

landscaping website homepage design

Speaking of services, their services tab is really extensive and immediately gives visitors a clear idea of what they offer by just merely hovering over the tabs. They also have a lot of unique call-to-action buttons that give their website a personalized feel.

Their website has a highly organized blog page where each post is neatly sorted according to year and category. This also gives them an air of authority—some of their blog posts go as far back as 2010!

We think The Grounds Guys’ client-centered website is what sets them apart, and we’re pretty sure this will continue giving them the advantage they need as a business in the years to come.

What we love:

  • Bright, refreshing color palette
  • Highly responsive user interface
  • Convenient map visualization of where their headquarters is located

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Augusta Lawn Care Services

Augusta Lawn Care Services’ website stands out the moment you enter their home page. You’re greeted instantly with a customer inquiry form, a far cry from most sites that put client information spaces on the last page. Next up is their customer reviews section, and their actual services section comes up once you scroll further.

expert landscape website design

We think this unique approach benefits them a lot since it gives the impression that they are a highly customer-centric business that’s ready to attend to their clients’ needs as soon as possible.

Another thing we love about their website is the high-quality header videos on their main pages that highlight their employees at work. It’s an eye-catching feature that appeals to their potential clients and empowers their employees at the same time.

What we love:

  • Engaging website graphics and branding
  • Employee-centered promotional header videos and photos
  • Franchise section for potential business franchises

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McDaniel's Lawn Care & Landscaping

McDaniel’s Lawn Care & Landscaping’s website has gone the extra mile and uses unique drone footage for its header video which definitely brings their site to life! We also like the really cute, colorful icons they use to identify their services. They’ve also managed to craft service descriptions that are very concise and succinct without scrimping on the information.

lawncare web design

Their website also has an extensive customer reviews page. This gives the impression that they really are one of the best in the industry since they have the feedback to prove it. We also like how they have a separate page for their commercial landscaping services.

Plus, it’s refreshing to see a gallery section that’s this interactive and responsive. Their photos are also very high-quality and it highlights all the work they’ve done for their clients. They also have a Bill Pay section on their site which is a really convenient feature for current customers.

What we love:

  • Clear-cut services section
  • Amazing website graphics—we really dig the grass-shaped header highlights!
  • Comprehensive FAQ section and an inquiry form if visitors have any additional queries

Find out more at

oasis landscape

Oasis Landscapes & Irrigation

Now this is a lawn care website that’s truly one for the books. Oasis Landscapes & Irrigation tops our list of landscape websites for 2023 for its highly intuitive and professional-looking website design, thoughtful graphics and photos, and well-curated news and articles section.

landscape website design

We love how their website uses a combination of high-quality photos, engaging, relevant content, and even a dedicated video clip that showcases their work to create a site experience like no other. They’ve also organized customer photos according to type of work.

What’s more, they also have a customer review video which definitely does more for their site compared to written reviews—which they have as well!

Oasis Landscapes & Irrigation’s website just shows that paying attention to all parts of your site and highlighting its features gives your business a definite market advantage. They’ve clearly established themselves as a leader in landscape design, and their stunning website ensures that they also have a formidable presence online.

What we love:

  • Beautiful, comprehensive map of their service areas
  • Bold colors
  • Dedicated awards and recognitions section
  • Pop-up chat box for website visitors

Find out more at

Landscape Gardener Laying Turf For New Lawn

That sums up our top ten landscape websites this 2023. We hope this exhaustive list gives you an idea of how you want your own site to look and what features and information you want to include.

However, if you’re still pressed for ideas, don’t worry! Here are more landscape websites that we think are worth mentioning: Honorable Mentions

KieferKiefer Landscaping and Nursery

Another landscaping website idea that you’ll want to consider is Kiefer Landscaping and Nursery.  They use a tree bark-like design and corresponding color scheme, a far cry from usual websites that use leaves, flowers, and greenery as their general aesthetic. We think this benefits them a lot because they’ve successfully built their brand identity using this earth-toned palette. This also gives their website a more laid-back, professional air that we love.

Just like The Grounds Guys’ website, the first thing visitors see is a question that asks them if they want a backyard like the header shown, which is indeed a beautiful landscape photo. This immediately gives them a sense of credibility and confidence that they can consistently create stunning outdoor spaces for their clients.

We’re also a fan of their highly engaging website copy and their dedicated staff page that highlights the credentials of each employee.

What we love:

  • One-of-a-kind color scheme
  • Stunning logo design that contrasts nicely with the overall site theme
  • High-quality header photos and gallery photos

Find out more at


Flores Artscape

Flores Artscape is clearly one of the most well-known landscape businesses out there, and their website shows us just that. They honestly have one of the most intuitive site designs we’ve ever seen! They use high-definition images that are all very visually pleasing, and their sliding services tab also boosts their website’s responsiveness. Plus, they have a pop-up chatbot where site visitors can enter any queries they have.

We also love how they proudly showcase their awards and recognitions on their website, and they have a list of publications as well as a video clip that features their business!

Another thing we like about their site is how their photos are nested into each service category which is a really smart way to organize website images. They also have a highly detailed FAQ section and an interactive, up-to-date blog that comes with a word cloud for easy navigation.

What we love:

  • Beautiful website graphics
  • Convenient payment tab for clients
  • Newsletter subscription form for website visitors

Find out more at


branch out

Branch Out Landscapes

What really grabbed our attention while browsing through Branch Out Landscape’s website is how clean everything looks, with photos that look straight out of an interior design magazine. This makes navigating their website a truly enjoyable experience, and their engaging site copy gives visitors a great overview of their business and what services they offer.

It’s also noteworthy how their design process section highlights how simple and efficient their system is. What we really love, however, is the way they’ve organized their photos into residential and commercial sections. Each photo is accompanied by engaging captions that describe the work they’ve done, which is a smart way of showcasing their business while telling their brand story to potential clients.

To wrap it up, we’re huge fans of their streamlined website, which is perfect since it complements their identity as a business that prioritizes personalized, highly curated landscape projects.

What we love:

  • Highly detailed services page
  • Attractive, well-curated press page
  • Unique calendar feature on their contact page that also shows their availability

Find out more at


Dennis’ 7 Dees Landscaping

Dennis’ 7 Dees Landscaping uses visually arresting tiled sections for their home page, which we think really boosts their site’s interactiveness. We also love how they’ve included actual photos of their garden center locations which gives their site more value compared to including just maps.

They also have a dedicated page for their fundraising programs. It’s evident that they’ve put a lot of work into this particular section since it has a descriptive list of their various beneficiaries as well as community projects they’ve initiated.

It’s also hard to miss just how beautiful and high-quality their images are, and how pretty their site graphics look. Lastly, they also have useful tips and tricks for both new gardeners and veteran landscaping enthusiasts on their website’s blog section.

What we love:

  • Great use of tiled images for products and service pages
  • Updated website information—they even have seasonal blog posts!
  • Convenient, detailed quick links at the bottom of each page
  • Effective Contact Form

Find out more at


Lawns & Palms

Lawns & Palms’ website makes its mark by immediately showcasing their badges and site customer inquiry forms the moment you enter their home page. Another thing we love is their header video that’s teeming with special effects—we can’t help but watch! They also have a dedicated space for customer reviews which reinforces their credibility as a landscaping business.

They also have lots of special offers on their website, and we’re also digging the graphics and icons they’ve used to identify their services. Lawns & Palms also has a really extensive blog section, and each article is very engaging and informative which is great for customer retention.

Their website is proof that even if you use minimal graphics and neutral tones, you can still create a highly-engaging website—If you balance everything out with relevant copy, beautiful imagery, and other features that establish your business’ authority and identity.

What we love:

  • Highly informative blog section
  • Great combination of high-definition header video and site photos
  • Neutral toned color scheme that allows customers to better focus on their services

Find out more at

AdobeStock 541726250Are You Ready To Build Your Own Landscape Website?

At this point, you probably already have an idea of how you want your landscaping company’s website to look and what features you want to include. You can either create your own website using a site builder tool or hire a web designing agency that can do all the work for you, but it’s important to have a design goal in mind no matter what path you choose.

Here are some things you need to keep in mind while building your own website:

Create Your Business Identity

You’ve probably noticed how much we love landscaping businesses with a solid brand identity, and it’s not hard to see why. A solid, well-established identity gives you a significant market edge since this makes it easier for customers to recall your business while boosting your credibility.

This is why it’s important to build your identity even before you start creating your own website. Your business identity is what defines your company, and we’re sure you’ll be reaping the benefits of good branding well into the future.

Focus on Engaging, High-Quality Copy

Your website might be one of the most interactive and responsive websites out there, but if your content is unappealing and irrelevant, you’re missing out on what great copy can do for your business.

Investing in well-written, optimized content for your website can do wonders for your site traffic and search engine rankings. Not only will this increase your engagement, but this also gives your business an air of authority which is a welcome advantage especially if you’re just starting to build your online presence.

Choose The Right Web Design Agency

Hiring a web design agency to help build your website will save you lots of time and energy which you can use to focus on other important parts of your business. Landscape Website Designs is here to help create your website with our comprehensive web design, copywriting, and logo design services.

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