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Effective Ways to Advertise Your Lawn Care or Landscaping Business

Research shows that 55% of marketing is completely digital for businesses. With around 72% of marketing budgets being used toward digital advertising.

Digital marketing has become the number one way of advertising your business. It is very important and is the best way to reach new clients.

If you want to advertise your lawn care business, this is the best option. Digital marketing is going to get you the results that you are looking for.

Keep reading to find out more about how to advertise your lawn care business with these simple steps.

Business Website

Possibly the most important part of digital marketing is your website. Every business needs to have a website that clients can go to online.

If you want to advertise your lawn care business, this is absolutely necessary. You will be able to reach far more customers by having a business website they can go to.

This also sets you apart from the competition and makes you look more professional. Businesses that have a business website are more trusted and preferred by customers.

This is also a great way to inform your clients about what you offer. Your website can include the services you offer and your background story.

You don’t even have to worry about creating your business website yourself. There are plenty of companies that are able to do this for you for the best results possible.

Companies like Landscape Website Designs offer these kinds of services. Providing professional website results that will help you to attract more clients.

A website also allows customers to have somewhere to refer potential customers. Allowing your business to be easier to find if someone is looking for lawn care.

Social Media

One aspect of marketing that you may not have considered is social media. Social media is one of the best ways to find clients online.

Plenty of research has been done to showcase how effective this strategy is. Any marketing guide is going to recommend that you have social media platforms.

There are many social media platforms out there that you can take advantage of. This is the perfect way to get your business out there and in front of potential clients.

Social media also creates a feeling of community with your customers. This is something that keeps customers coming back and gets referrals for your business.

You can actively engage with customers and post updates on your social media. These are all great ways to attract new customers and maintain good relationships with your current customers.


Facebook is a type of old-school social media that is still very popular. This is a platform where you are going to find a wide variety of potential clients.

This is also a great way to find local clients, as those are the types of clients you need. It is easy to find people within your vicinity with a platform like Facebook.

You can post pictures and videos as well as updates about the kind of work you are doing. A platform like this is a great way to stay in touch and advertise seasonal services.

Facebook also allows you to create Facebook ads that can target potential customers. These are affordable ad options that will pop up and attract customers to the site.

Many potential customers will also look to see if a lawn care company has a Facebook page. You will look more professional and trustworthy if you have a Facebook page dedicated to your business.

Email Marketing

new marketing strategy that many lawn care companies are starting to use is email marketing. A strategy like this allows you to keep in touch with your customers and promote more business.

You can have emails that go out to all of your customers with special information. This can be used to announce seasonal services as well as promotions or discounts.

These emails are important and can generate a lot of returning business. They inform your customers and encourage them to keep coming back for more.

Ideally, you should have regular emails that go out to all of your customers. These serve as useful reminders if they need lawn care work done.

Positive Reviews

Something that many lawn care companies do not notice is the value of positive reviews. Positive reviews are enjoyable, but they are also very useful for marketing.

If you want to advertise your lawn care business, your positive reviews can help with this. Any review is valuable as it helps you to understand your customers better.

You should regularly ask your customers to review your work online. Especially if they are happy customers and regularly return for your services.

You should be checking your reviews consistently to see what people are saying. It is a good idea to respond to all of your reviews, whether they be positive or negative.

Try to fix the issue with negative reviews and send a thank you for positive reviews. Engaging with your reviews is important and shows that you really care.

You can also use positive reviews by displaying them on your website. You could also feature them on your social media as a shout-out to your loyal customers.

Ways to Advertise Your Lawn Care Business

If you are trying to find ways to advertise your lawn care business, there are many options. Digital marketing is the secret to achieving business growth and more customers.

Do you want to branch out into more digital marketing for your business? Contact us today at Landscape Website Designs for website design options.